The Shinnyo Center

Enhancing lives through meditative practice and mindful experience.

The Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Well-being is centrally located in mid-town Manhattan and serves the people of New York with meditation programs and contemplative activities that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Amid the commotion of mid-town Manhattan, we hope to provide an oasis, a warm and welcoming environment where members and visitors can seek balance and realize their potential.

Shinnyo Guided Meditation

Reflection on one’s connection to the world develops awareness, positive perspective, and considerate responses. The aim of Shinnyo Guided Meditation is to improve one’s life “off the cushion,” and not just to be an experience in the meditation hall.

In Shinnyo Guided Meditation, the meditation guide presents images and situations for reflection and cultivation of positive perspective. The meditation enhances an awareness of one’s inner resources – such as serenity, strength, resilience, and insight – all important facets of being that can unlock the maximum potential in each moment.

The mediation does not require any specific posture, physical gestures, clothing, chanting, or other cultural practices.

While Shinnyo Guided Meditation is not a religious practice, it is based on ancient contemplative practices that have been used by millions of people over many centuries. Shinnyo meditation guides have trained in the Shinnyo forms of meditation for more than a decade.

Shinnyo Center Meditation, Programs, and Events

  • Introduction to meditation workshops.
  • Lunchtime and evening guided meditation sessions.
  • One-to-one, guided meditations by appointment.
  • Special-themed meditation programs including jazz, stress reduction, wellness, nutrition, movement, and others.
  • Lectures, dialogues, and panel discussions with distinguished guests.
  • Free public programs in conjunction with neighborhood organizations.
  • Access to personal meditation space.