Board of Directors


Minoru Shitara is a member of the Shinnyo-en clergy, a spiritual teacher at the Shinnyo-en Dharma school, and a spiritual guide for meditation at the Shinnyo-en Buddhist Order.  He was ordained as a Shinnyo clergy and has undertaken the higher levels of Shinnyo teaching. As a senior member of Shinnyo clergy with a staff assignment at the headquarters in Tachikawa, Japan, he has served as leader of the youth association, the head of international development, and the head of public relations / communications at Shinnyo-en.


Chika Matsumoto is CEO and President of Sorraia Consulting, Inc. Ms. Matsumoto provides strategic and financial consulting services to corporate and non-profit organizations that are seeking to bring their cross-border and international operations up to the next level. Before launching Sorraia Consulting, Ms. Matsumoto had held senior finance positions abt both The World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Ms. Matsumoto holds advanced degrees in Public Policies and International Politics from both Harvard Kennedy School and Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo. She is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and is fluent in Japanese, French, and English.


Eitaro Hayashi is a member of the clergy, a dharma teacher, and a spiritual guide for meditation at The Shinnyo-en Buddhist Order. He entered the clergy in 1999, was ordained 2004 and he currently serves as the senior clergy at the Shinnyo-en temple in White Plains, New York, where he has responsibility of temple director.

Eitaro Hayashi has provided guided meditation for Shinnyo-en members, guests, and the general public for more than a decade. He travels widely in the United States and Latin America, maintaining contact with Shinnyo-en communities and members. He grew up in Hawaii, the U.K., and Japan.