The Shinnyo Center

Enhancing lives through meditative practice and mindful experience.

The Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Well-being in New York City provides guided meditations, cultural events, community service, and information about Shinnyo Buddhism in a welcoming environment, where New Yorkers can nourish balance and perspective in their lives.

The Shinnyo Center has an expansive concept of “well-being.” Shinnyo Buddhism asserts that all people have an inherent capability to enhance physical and emotional health, to live peacefully and joyfully with our neighbors, and to help others productively face their challenges.

The programs of The Shinnyo Center aim to make a contribution to sharing knowledge and to encouraging practices that enhance everyday life.

Amid the commotion of Midtown Manhattan, we hope to provide an oasis, open to everyone, nurturing well-being and empowerment.