Shinnyo-en is a global Buddhist community founded on the time-honored wisdom and compassion embodied in the Buddha’s teachings. Building on twenty-five centuries of tradition, Shinnyo-en teaches laypeople to use each day as an opportunity to seek enlightenment through reflection and interaction with others.

The Buddhist term shinnyo denotes both “Buddhahood” (spiritual awakening) and the nature of reality; en refers to a borderless garden or space open to all. Shinnyo-en is a place for people to discover and develop an awakened nature and to apply altruistic principles in everyday life.

Shinnyo Buddhists promote the values of peaceful coexistence and cooperation through the works of philanthropic foundations, and place great value on the contributions that each individual can make toward life on our planet. Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique, and Shinnyo-en offers a diverse environment where we can all grow and cultivate their aspiration for enlightenment.

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