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Chiaki Yasue assumed the role of Director of The Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Well-being in March 2017. In addition to providing overall direction to The Center, she leads many of the regular mid-day and after-work meditation sessions at The Center.

Chiaki has spent her career balancing business operations management positions along with extensive public service commitments to education, music and culture, mental health counseling, and Buddhist teaching. She has 30+ years of practice of Shinnyo Buddhism, as a member, a community leader, and a meditation guide. During her career she has also held operations management positions in Japan and the United States with world-class investment banking, realty, and specialty materials corporations.

“The Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Well-being serves the people of New York City with meditation programs and contemplative activities that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Amid the commotion of mid-town Manhattan, we hope to provide an oasis, a warm and welcoming environment where New Yorkers can seek balance and discover their true selves.”


Qalvy is the lead meditation guide at The Shinnyo Center where he conducts Introduction to Meditation classes and regularly scheduled midday and after-work guided meditations, as well as special-themed meditations on topics related to wellness and creativity. He also leads meditation events for a wide variety of community and neighborhood organizations including CUNY campuses, in Bryant Park, at NYU, at Pace University, and for the Yale Club. Qalvy is also the youngest ordained Shinnyo-en Buddhist minister in North America, with over a decade of training in the Shinnyo-en lineage.

Qalvy is a native New Yorker. He holds a degree in nutritional sciences and served in the Army National Guard. He is currently studying counseling psychology at Pace University.

“Meditation is a gift we give ourselves but even more so, it is a gift, in fact, that we offer to the world.”     

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Eitaro has been providing guided meditation for over a decade. As well as providing guided meditations and leading Jazz Meditation sessions at The Shinnyo Center in Manhattan, Eitaro also serves as the Temple Manager for the Shinnyo-en Buddhist Temple in White Plains, New York.

He has participated in several youth programs with the White Plains Public Library and has spoken in a variety of venues in academic and interfaith contexts, including the National Service Learning Conference in Washington, D.C.

Eitaro grew up in Hawaii, the United Kingdom, and Japan, and he studied art history at the University of Hawaii.

“Meditation can gently steer us into looking at things in better ways, allowing us to come to one realization after another.”

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Todd Sugiyama is a Hawaiian Island native who moved to New York City over 13 years ago to pursue his career in online design and technology, which is also the field that he currently works in.  He has been practicing Shinnyo Buddhism and meditation for over 17 years, and is a meditation guide at the Shinnyo-en Temple in White Plains, New York as well as offering Shinnyo Guided Meditation at The Shinnyo Center.

As a creative person from Honolulu, Todd is constantly trying to find the balance between living amongst the chaos of New York while trying to maintain a peaceful existence, inside and out.  With New York City as the backdrop for inspiration, Todd draws from life’s experiences to come up with creative solutions for anything he is pursuing at the moment, including meditation.

His other interests include surfing (in NY), cooking, biking, yoga and anything technology related.

“Our minds, for the most part, are beyond our capacity to control.  Meditation is like a GPS for the mind, helping us to navigate our complex nature and live together with it in peace.”