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Reflection on your connection to the world develops awareness, positive perspective, and considerate responses. The aim of Shinnyo guided meditation is to improve life “off the cushion” and not just to be an experience in the meditation hall.

In Shinnyo guided meditation, the meditation guide presents images and situations for reflection and cultivation of our inherent goodness. Its goal is to help individuals realize their unique goodness and worth and develop the resources to unlock the maximum potential of each moment.

The meditation does not require any specific posture, physical gestures, clothing, chanting, or other activities sometimes associated with traditional religious or cultural practices.

While Shinnyo guided meditation is not a religious practice, it is based on ancient contemplative practices that have been used by millions of people over many centuries. The Shinnyo Center meditation guides have trained in the Shinnyo forms of meditation for more than a decade.

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The Shinnyo Center provides public access to its meditation halls and rooms for individuals who seek a quiet retreat, available anytime during our open hours.


Held the first Saturday of each month this 45-minute introduction is designed for people who are new to meditative practices. The session is led by a Shinnyo Guided Meditation instructor and includes explanation, opportunity for questions and discussion, and a guided meditation.