The Shinnyo Center maintains a select group of on-going relationships with government, non-profit, and corporate organizations to provide on-site meditation programs and coaching on meditation practices.

The Center meditation guides have worked with a number of universities in New York, with several cultural and non-profit institutions, and with first-responder organizations. The Center assists the management and employees of the organization to sustain their own well-being and be strengthened in their own work and services to the community. An over-arching goal is to support those who support others and the well-being of the community at large.

Inquiries may be addressed to or call The Shinnyo Center at 212-868-9838.

Meditation in the greenhouse at Riverbank State Park

The Shinnyo Center continues to partner with The Horticultural Society of New York  (The Hort) in offering free meditation classes at the public greenhouse, located at Riverbank State Park.   Making meditation accessible to the public is in alignment with the efforts of The Hort to provide education to students in public schools, horticultural therapy to inmates on Rikers Island and its greenhouse, supporting transitional employment for at-risk youth and ex-offenders, and cultivating beautiful gardens in low-income communities.

Supporting first responders: Teaching the NYPD to meditate

The Shinnyo Center is a neighborhood partner with the NYPD Mid-Town South precinct and its Community Affairs bureau and has been providing instruction in meditation techniques to both uniformed and civilian personnel in the NYPD’s Transit Bureau.  In addition, the center is engaged in leading meditation instruction for the Crisis Intervention Team training in the NYPD’s academy.

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Global commitment

As the local presence of Shinnyo-en in New York City, The Shinnyo Center senior staff regularly represents Shinnyo-en at events and initiatives of the United Nations and other global organizations headquartered in New York City. Shinnyo Center staff participate in the annual United Nations International Day of Peace and the United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week observances. The Shinnyo Center has also co-sponsored events with the United Nations International Day of Yoga Committee. Shinnyo Center staff represented Shinnyo-en, in 2015, at the first White House-U.S. Buddhist Leadership Conference. They are also panelists and speakers at New York-based universities with global reach – Columbia University, New York University, City University of New York and others. Finally, Shinnyo Center staff routinely represent Shinnyo Buddhism with New York-based interfaith and intra-Buddhist organizations such as The Contemplative Alliance, the Buddhist Council of New York, and Tricycle Magazine.

Local involvement

The Shinnyo Center is an active supporter of and participant with a wide variety of organizations in its immediate neighborhood in New York City. Listening – and responding — to the needs of the immediate community is a vital practice in the Shinnyo tradition.  Acting in daily life in ways that are congruent with each individual’s core beliefs is always encouraged as the emphasis is on each individual cultivating his or her own path to connecting with inherent goodness and then bringing it to fruition in the context of daily life. The Center has a handful of long-standing, continuing partnerships, but each year also participates in a range of one-time events.  All of our partnerships have been organic and have grown out of identifying where there can be focus on healing rifts and cultivating well-being. Among the many local organizations with which The Shinnyo Center has been involved include The Garment District Alliance, The Horticultural Society of New York, and City University of New York and New York University organizations.